Do you have the broken glass of your iPhone or do you have the broken monitor of your Mac Book Pro ?

Does the Mac Book Air keyboard  no longer work or your iMac is too slow to use it?
Do not worry about things that happen, but do not despair, for all these problems, and for us

Uae Technician Have the Solution of your all mac devices

Mac Help Mac works and repairs media and Mac computers. We can replace any component of your mac device even the most unthinkable.

Our repair Assistance on Mac Devices

Assistance and Repair iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro

Apple UAE Technician Assistance is available to anyone who owns an Apple device.

UAE technical staff is specialized and updated daily to work in your lab or at your home or office in order to offer the best advice, assistance, and repair of your Apple software (hardware and software).

In our mac UAE Technician repair and servicing workshop you will find technicians who will help you evaluate the action you need to complete.

We can address any problematic issues such as replacing macbook pro display , replacing macbook air keyboards until repairing the iPhone Smartphone .

Mac device issues we will repair

  • Overheating
  • Short circuits
  • Voltage swings
  • Video Chip / Desoldered Components
  • Disconnected connectors or fake contacts
  • Pouring liquids

Mac device issues

  • Mac screen black, does not turn on;
  • Turns on, to turn off immediately after;
  • The video has artifacts, strange characters, lines;
  • The power LED, the fan rotates, the screen stays black, the hd does not start
  • The power LED lights up, the fan turns, the screen stays black, the hd does not start and after a few seconds the power LED goes off;
  • The power LED lights up, the fan turns and the screen stays black, the hd does not start, they hear beeps coming from inside the car;
  • The battery does not charge while being;
  • The Mac only works with the battery inserted or deactivated;
  • Lan network connection is intermittent;
  • AirPort (Wi-Fi) devices and tabs appear randomly and disappear;

Apple Cleaning Devices

Computers accumulate a lot of dust inside the computer, this can slow down / stop the cooling fan rotation and cause serious problems (such as burning the processor), noise, and slowdowns. It is recommended to clean the system at least once a year.

Assistance Upgrade Apple Devices

RAM upgrade, increase storage capacity, replace components to improve computer performance. It’s not always necessary to buy a new computer, sometimes small changes are enough to improve the old pc. Feel free to contact us 0557503724 for best apple repair services in Dubai