Whether you have an iPhone or a phone of any other brand, UAE Technician staff is always the right choice for any kind of repair and maintenance your phone needs. UAE Technician staff in our laboratory performs repairs for Samsung and other brands in Dubai.

We have experience in repairing all types and brands of devices. Our Technician can repair any kind of damage to your Samsung, Motorola, LG, and many other brands.

The professionalism and expertise of technicians who make up our staff is confirmed day by day by the amount of phones that we can bring to life or make it faster and more powerful. Even the most desperate cases could be solved by entrusting your phone to UAE Technician care: do not hesitate to bring your damaged phone.

Sometimes it’s enough to replace a component because the phone will come back as new: with time and wear it is normal that phones lose shots and their performance is less satisfactory than when they were new. Battery is the one that most often creates problems, especially if it is not original or you do not use original chargers: it slowly loses autonomy for only a few hours, if not, in the most desperate cases, a few minutes. Other wearing parts are the buttons and sockets for headphones and charging.

Screens, glasses, touch screens and LCDs are the predestined victims of every fall. Even the most serious fractures, unusable screens, lost and unrecoverable pixels, can be repaired by well-trained and helpful UAE Technician technicians. With patience and attention to every detail, they will succeed in replacing each screen, each glass, each LCD, and turning on your phone. Get the best Samsung Repair by highly skilled technical staff with 100% data safety.

The major models of all the most popular brands will surely find a new life in the hands of our technicians: all the Samsung Galaxy smart phones on the market, Samsung Galaxy J, Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung Galaxy Note up to the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and many other models, and many other brands, from the most well-known brands to emerging markets.

Nowadays, having a phone that works perfectly well is very important: a Smartphone is no longer just a phone, but it now has many functions that we have delegated to it and enclose much of our professional and private life, from photographs to work commitments, from exchanged messages with friends to the emails of your customers or your office chief.

You cannot risk having a malfunctioning phone in your pocket, which might leave you just in time of need. If you notice any abnormalities in the performance of your Smartphone, or if your phone is experiencing an accidental damage that could compromise its operation, take it immediately to UAE Technician.

We will provide your Smartphone with optimum performance and reliability.