Updated Garmin gps from a to z. Numaps onetime and lifetime. (applies equally to maps of canada, the united states or europe)

The update of GPS Garmin model Nuvi.

Several Aspects Relating To The Updating Of The Maps

GPS models and City Navigator versions needed to update map (maps)

Buying a USB cable at a good price

The effect of an update

The version of City Navigator currently installed in your GPS

Few ways to have free cards: the nuMaps guarantee (check your eligibility)

The media on which you can buy your updates

tips for entering addresses

Ways to report errors in cards

Web resources for updating different GPS receivers

When you open your Garmin, you know it’s time to update your GPS (there is a new version of the maps). All steps are explained in this article. You may be able to download updates for free. Read this article to the end and determine what is your situation and what you need to do to have City Navigator 2017 North America or City Navigator 2017 Europe in your GPS (the old version is City Navigator 2015).

Gps Models Of Cars And Trucks From Garmin Company With City Navigator That Can Be Updated

Garmin Nuvi 200, 200w, 205, 245, 250, 250w, 250wc

Garmin Nuvi 245, 245w, 255, 255w, 255wt, 260, 260w, 265w, 265wt, 270, 275t, 285w, 285wt, 295w

Garmin Nuvi 350, 360, 370

Garmin Nuvi 465t, 465tfm

Garmin Nuvi 500, 510, 550

Garmin Nuvi 600, 605, 650, 660, 670, 680

Garmin Nuvi 700,750,755,760,765,770,775t, 780,785t

Garmin Nuvi 850,855,860,880,885t

Garmin Nuvi 5000

Garmin Nuvi 1200,1245,1250,1260t

Garmin Nuvi 1300, 1310, 1340, 1340t, 1350, 1370t, 1390t, 1490t, 1490tv, 1690, 1695

Garmin Nuvi 1300LM, 1350LMT, 1390LMT, 1450LMT, 1490LMT

Garmin Nuvi 2200, 2250, 2250LT

Garmin Nuvi 2300, 2300LM, 2350, 2350LT, 2350LMT, 2360LT, 2360LMT, 2370LT

Garmin Nuvi 3750,3760t, 3790t

Garmin Nuvi 30,40,50

Garmin Nuvi 2455LT, Nuvi 2455LMT, 2475LT, 2495LMT, 2555LT, 2555LMT, 2595LMT

Garmin Nuvi 3450, 3450LM, 3490LMT

Garmin Nuvi 42.52

Garmin Nuvi 44/54

Garmin Nuvi 55/56/65/66

Garmin Nuvi 2497,2597,2797

Garmin Nuvi 2798lmt

Garmin Nuvi 3597


Garmin StreetPilot i2, i3, i5

Garmin StreetPilot c310, c320, c330, c340, c510, c530, c550, c580

Garmin StreetPilot 2620, 3650, 2660, 2720, 2730, 2820

Garmin StreetPilot 7200,7500



Updating maps (or upgrading your gps) also applies to these models for motorcycles:

Zumo series : Zumo 220,450,550,660,665


Quest, Quest 2

Aera series : Aera 500, 510, 550, 560

For some models, you can not just buy an updated version, you have to buy City Navigator full version: for example the models of portable GPS with terrestrial cartography (road map not included at the time of the purchase). View compatible City Navigator Maps )

Models Requiring The Purchase Of A Full Version Of City Navigator

Dakota series

Oregon series

Colorado series

eTrex series

GPSMAP series

You need the USB cable for your device that you can buy here if you did not receive it at the time of purchase. Exclusively on searchevolution.com, the cable features $ 9.99 Canadian delivery included. Much cheaper than the original cable sold by Garmin!

USB cable for updating Garmin GPS


Changes to the road network (new roads, new one-way, new countries), new points of interest, or updating them (restaurants, fuel, transportation, accommodation, shopping centers, banking / withdrawal, parking, entertainment / recreation, leisure, tourism / museums / attractions, hospitals, towns, car centers).

A very realistic view of traffic lanes and traffic signs with photo Real technology (with the 2011.40 update on the European side). Valid with xx5, 1000, 2000 and 3000 series.

Other features depending on the model, for example speed limits

Is there a newer version of city navigator than the one currently installed?

Garmin GPS is one of the easiest to use and these have the most complete cartography on the market. To update the map, there are several versions of the map software built into these GPS. To name a few, City Navigator version 8 and City Navigator 2008. With a newer version, you have the streets recently built, new businesses, new parking, etc. To update, there are several ways to proceed. First, before updating your maps, I recommend checking if there is a newer version of the maps, visit the Garmin site and download the plug-in. You can also see the map version directly on your GPS. As of February, the latest version of City Navigator is 2017.10

To download an update, there are several options:


There are far too many Maps warranty details for the free mapping update , so I ‘m writing an article. Please consult to see if you qualify.

  1. if you cannot get the Garmin NUVI maps update warranty, buy the cards

Here too, I’m writing an entire article: Where and how to get the latest map for your Garmin GPS. You can also get a free unofficial geographical map no matter what your Garmin Nuvi model .

Tips For Entering Addresses

If you want some tips to enter the addresses before trying an update, you can read my stuff.

To Postpone Omissions Or Errors In The Cards Here

To end this article, if you know any changes made to your neighborhood roads or new restaurants, I recommend you participate in card developments by visiting the Here website

Other Resources For Updating Gps

If you have another GPS device with Navteq maps (such as Magellan, Navigon, Nextar), visit navigation.com for the update procedures for the free Navteq GPS. Do not forget to visit Garmin’s official website: http://www.garmin.com.